Wells Beach Senior Portraits, B: Gold and Silver Shine

Seniors are just on the cusp of everything amazing. I love hearing about their plans and not-plans. I love hearing about the college search and the reasons why they chose the schools they did. I mean, you’re talking to a girl who decided not to apply to a school because it had too many trees. And talking to seniors is literally like getting in a time machine and traveling back to when I was their age. It feels like all those intervening years just disappear and suddenly I’m yapping about my experiences. Meanwhile, I applied to colleges on a typewriter, so the seniors just stare at me all googly-eyed, like “wtf is this old lady yammering on about?!” Regardless, I’m so excited for them, that they have all this life ahead of them. Graduating high school is such an important milestone, no matter what you decide to do next! Sigh. I think that’s why I love photographing seniors – there’s just this flicker of electricity – fear and excitement all rolled into one.

This senior is a track star and super baker. And when she “grows up”, she wants to be a detective! How awesome is that?! Beauty and brains right here. Her family has a home in Wells Beach, Maine and it’s always been a special place for them, so it made sense that we’d use that as our background. Her cousin is also a senior so we did his photos the same day. You’ll see them in the next post.

It’s not senior photo season yet, but if you’ve got a junior in your life, they’re going to need them in the summer or fall. Feel free to send them my way!


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Margaret Belanger Photography | Wells Beach Senior Portraits, B: Gold and Silver Shine

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