Wells Beach Senior Portraits, T: Meet Me In The Crowd

Most schools “suggest” you go to a specific photographer for your senior portraits, or they make the requirements so specific that it discourages you from going to someone else. But, even if you have to use your school’s photographer for your yearbook photo, there’s nothing stopping you from hiring someone to photograph the senior photos YOU want. Ditch the coat and tie and hit the beach. Wear your sports uniform in some photos. Team up with a friend and do a few photos together. There are so many options these days. Why not take advantage of it? I’ll still make sure to get some yearbook appropriate photos, but it’s nice to get a little variation!

Since this senior’s family has a home on Wells Beach in Maine, we did his senior session there. He and his cousin are both seniors, so I photographed them both at the same time. It will be really exciting to see what this senior does with his life – he’s already running his own business, so the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well with him. These kids are in the thick of it now! Soon they will be hearing back from their colleges (if they haven’t started already!). And let the countdown begin!


And here are the two cousins together.

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