White Gate Farm Connecticut Wedding, Krista & Jack

Krista & Jack made a weekend out of their wedding by throwing a party the day after their ceremony. White Gate Farm in East Lyme, Connecticut offered them the perfect venue! Plenty of outdoor space for people to mingle and wander, but also plenty of rooms for guests to spend the night! Krista and Jack arrived at the party in their formal wedding outfits (led by adorable flower girls), read their wedding vows in front of an expanded crowd of beloved people, and danced their first dance to a song performed by Tracie Potochnik of Cardboard Ox. Instead of cutting a cake like the night before, Krista & Jack instead served cheese from a cheese wheel! At some point, Krista went up to the house and changed into a reception dress for the rest of the day. Until I made her change back so we could get some photos in the pool.

Jack was totally game with going in the pool. In fact, we started off with Krista playfully pushing Jack in, but then Jack started doing cannonballs and falling backwards, and just genuinely having fun. Krista joined him towards the end, wearing her wedding dress as she waded into the water. Keep in mind, this is the end of September. Sure, it was mild out, but it was still fall. I continue to be grateful for their trust in me. Krista has been in front of my camera since I first started out as a professional photographer and I like to think we’ve developed our own language. Each set of photos just gets better and better, culminating with her and Jack’s wedding. There is no end to the beautiful photos we captured of them over this special weekend.

The Team:

Venue: White Gate Farm

Videographer: Emily Ashman, Tritown Productions

Food: Fromage

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