Winchester Baby Portraits, Baby C: I Will Always Feel The Same

Little Miss C. made a very exciting entrance into this world when she arrived nearly 2 months early. Even though she was teeny tiny, she was a perfect little doll. Now that she’s a few months old, she’s hitting all the important milestones and working those abs hardcore. I’m pretty sure  her current hobbies include tummy time, giggling, and making mommy and daddy happy. I think she’s also a huge fan of People magazine and US Weekly, but those are just her guilty pleasures.
Portraits of a baby girl, BostonBlack and white photo of baby, BostonProfile of baby girl, Winchester, MALittle baby has some tummy timeClose-up of a baby, black and whiteI like to think of this one as her senior portrait, seventeen years ahead of schedule. She’s totally rocking the hand-under-chin pose! That is a skill most adults can’t master. Portrait of a baby being held by mom, Winchester, MA
Baby on a fuzzy blanket, Winchester, MAEven though we had pretty much lost our window with Baby C (infants are such diva supermodels!), I had to grab a photo of her in these kickass red cowboy boots! She definitely has a future as the town fashion star!
Baby in red cowboy boots, Winchester, MA

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Margaret Belanger Photography | Winchester Baby Portraits, Baby C: I Will Always Feel The Same

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