Winchester Personal Branding Session, T: Not Even Myself

If you’ve followed me long enough, via my blog or Facebook or Instagram, you may be aware that I have a younger sister. A much younger sister. And let me tell you, she is a badass. She is a creative. She knows how to make crazy jewelry and designs her own cross-stitch and embroidery patterns (often with a political leaning), and now she is taking on the world of glass (find some of her work here). I say that she is a glass blower, but that’s not technically correct. I believe the correct term for it would be glass fusing. She makes amazing pieces and I keep harassing her to make me things I can give as presents. So, I can say from experience that she takes custom orders! Anyway, she wanted to have some fun portraits taken before she chopped her hair off. We did this once before to memorialize long dreads, and now just to capture her at this moment in time. She’s right at the precipice of becoming who she is supposed to be and it’s pretty awesome. At least when she’s not annoying the heck out of me. But hey, that’s what sisters are for, right?!

It should be noted that she did all her own styling. She definitely said she wanted to look a little like Jonathan Taylor Thomas in some of these. And I loved the pink sweatshirt and green sunglasses with the lush green landscape! And if there’s anyone else out there who wants a photo session for their hair or so they can look like JTT, I’m your girl!

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