Woburn Fall Family Session, The H Family

Did you get along with your siblings growing up? My younger brother and I are pretty close in age (just under 2 years apart) and the number one reason we got in trouble as kids was because we fought*. Whenever I met friends who got along with their siblings most of the time, I was shocked! Shocked, I tell you! Now, of course, my brother and I have a great relationship. I truly enjoy hanging out with him (I’d like to think he’d say the same!). As a photographer, I meet all sorts of siblings and I am still in awe of the ones who mostly get along! Like these two! No one minds the hugging or the tilting of heads. They make my job easy.

I first met this family when there was only one child in the mix, then when little sister was just teeny tiny. If you scroll down through the photos, I ended with an old photo of the two kids! Their backyard was a perfect location. They had recently added a pool to the yard, so we incorporated it into some family portraits. It was an awesome pop of tropical blue on an autumn day! And don’t miss the handsome portrait of their dogs. Those guys are almost as photogenic as the kids!

*Just a little aside that I also have a little sister and I don’t want her to read this and think I forgot about her! She is nearly 16 years younger than me, so our sibling relationship was different since I left for college when she was 2!

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