You'll Be Part of the Love That You See

We love new babies in my family! We love to hold them and cuddle them and nuzzle right in. I was so pleased to be able to photograph my cousin’s new baby boy. He was just a month old when these were taken.

This is a collage made up of some of the black and white photos taken that day.
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I love this photo so much! It reminds me of a photo of my grandmother; there’s just something about the “pose” and the light. It begged to be in black and white.
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Nothing like an itty bitty baby in a bookcase to set your heart aflutter!
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I feel pretty strongly that two people in love are already their own family, but you can see that this little guy totally and utterly completes this family! Could these parents be any happier with their new son or each other?
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Margaret Belanger Photography | You'll Be Part of the Love That You See

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